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tikna is a Saudi company specialized in big data and artificial intelligence solutions, established in an era where data is used more than ever to help institutions, consumers, machines, and nature better.

Our Team

Abdulaziz Alabdullatif

Mohammed Alhulayyil
Vice President

AbdulMalik Alkraidees
Chief Communications Officer

Rayan Almusharaf
Electrical Engineer


Integrating human intelligence with artificial intelligence and data science technology will provide us with many products through which we translate data into decisions to help businesses increase efficiency, enhance decision-making, and improve customer experience. At tikna we work to develop products that will contribute to this

Web-based platform, Serve your business through your data.

•The immediate integration (from all sources such as Twitter, Instagram, Foursquare, Google Map, and POS).
• Easy access and Registration.
• 360 view of Analytical Indices.
• Helps reduce risk, increase revenue, and enhance decision making for your business.

Dashboards lets you dive deeper into fundamentals, technical, and data driven statistics of individual stocks

• Keep you up to date with everything happening in the markets.
• Our proprietary AI engine analyzes millions of data points to give you simple and profitable trade ideas.
• We offer scanners enable you to find the best setups using your own set of criteria's.

AI loyalty program solution customized for coffee shops and restaurants that have drive-through services.

• Full integrated with point of sales systems.
• Detect the car's plate number with high accuracy.
• Adds points to the car without asking the customer about personal information (Hassle free).
• Help business owners understand their customers by collecting 360 view customer data and offer.
• Targeted promotions and customized menus.

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